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The ECC2020 OC team is active and has send the first bulletins. All information can be found on the new website:

We wish to thank Michael Fass for hosting and servicing the “ecc-sailing” website since 2004 and Hugh Proudman for setting up the new one.

Pieter Hadjidakis
Commodore ECC2020

ECC 2019 - Athens: Feedback request

The 2019 Commodore’s team would like your feedback on this year’s ECC event.

Please visit the survey site here to provide your views and ideas.

Please be frank about what you liked and disliked, as this will help future organizing teams to create better ECC events.

Responses and Recommendations

Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey. It will remain open for new responses until June 30th 2019.

The 2019 Commodore’s team has created a summary of the responses we have received and the recommendations that we have drawn from them. This is has been shared with the ECC Commodores and Pieter Hadjidakis – the Commodore of ECC 2020.

The summary is available below:

ECC 2019 Survey – responses and recommendations.pdf

ECC 2019 and 2020 Bulletins

Bulletin Subject File
1 Open Entry List ECC 2019 Bulletin 1.pdf
2 Location and Registration ECC 2019 Bulletin 2.pdf
3 Expedited last minute entries and Boat choice ECC 2019 Bulletin 3.pdf
4 Boat Selection Process ECC 2019 Bulletin 4.pdf
- Lottery result LOTTERY RESULT- ECC 2019.xlsx
- Boat Selection BOAT SELECTION ECC 2019.xlsx
5 Recce Trip report ECC 2019 Bulletin 5.pdf
6 Agreement & Disclaimer, Crew List, Sponsors, Team Pictures ECC 2019 Bulletin 6.pdf
7 Christmas, Agreement, Disclaimers…. ECC 2019 Bulletin 7.pdf
8 Happy 2019, Spring is just around the corner ECC 2019 Bulletin 8_2.pdf
9 Excitement Growing ECC 2019 Bulletin 9.pdf
10 See you soon ECC 2019 Bulletin 10.pdf
11 And, it’s goodbye from me! ECC 2019 Bulletin 11.pdf
01 Welcome from the ECC2020 team ECC 2020 Bulletin 01.pdf

Associated files:

ECC 2019 Co-ordinator

We are delighted to confirm that High Point Yachting have been appointed to Co-ordinate ECC 2019.

HPY logo grey

Crew clothing

We are delighted to confirm that World Leisurewear Ltd are again kindly providing sponsorship to this year’s ECC. See the Corporate clothing section opposite.

World Leisurewear

ECC 2019 - Daily Sailing Instructions

Day Date Race # Instructions
1 Sunday May 5th . ECC 2019 DSI_1.pdf
2 Monday May 6th JMM Trophy race ECC 2019 DSI_2.pdf
3 Tuesday May 7th 2 ECC 2019 DSI_3_1.pdf
4 Wednesday May 8th 3 ECC 2019 DSI_4_1.pdf
5 Thursday May 9th 4 ECC 2019 DSI_4.pdf
6 Friday May 10th 5 ECC 2019 DSI_5.pdf

Message from Angelo Ottaviani from Boat 35

Wed 8th May

Dear ECC friends,

This year again we are together in Greece! It is wonderful to meet all you again and compete!

My wife Monica is an artist and has won some important awards. If you are interested in Art and Photography let go on her web site:

She is also on Facebook and Instagram.

I will be happy to reply to your questions if any.

Many thanks, ciao
Angelo Ottaviani

Boat 35

ECC 2019 Hat Competition

hat winner.jpg